i am still here

i would have blown off with the breeze
if it were not for the trees
who held my hand
and kept me here

and the wild, brown eye
of a four legged friend
searching my face
for the familiarity
of it’s mother

i have taken off my earthly shoes
and reached bare soles
deep into the soil of my ancestors

i have survived
only because
God gave me wings
when i desperately needed them

a hawk
writes my name
across the sky

and in this generous act of communion
i, too, am held by breath of wind
and lifted to new heights

i drop a feather to the ground
as a gentle reminder
for later
when i have forgotten
where i’ve been


I am now offering creative guidance and assistance in reconnecting with the healing spirit of nature.

I first came to the public’s eye in my role as Laura Palmer in David Lynch’s hit TV series “Twin Peaks.” I have since been blessed to have a long and adventurous acting career in both television and independent films.

While dealing with serious health issues I discovered that the most profoundly healing step I could take for my body, mind and Spirit was to consciously reconnect with Mother Earth. I have become aware of how closely our health as a species is directly related to the health of our planet and all of her beautiful creatures; winged, furred, finned, petaled and barked. We are deeply intertwined. When we destroy the Mother, we destroy ourselves and each other. And when we care for her with respect and gratitude, we care for ourselves as well as all living beings. Her love is the embrace that has carried me through many dark nights.

I walked through the non-linear spiral of healing as my life was transformed from the inside out. I let go of everything that was familiar and shed layers of my former self in order to find my truest calling. I knew that the illness had come into my life to change me and so I prayed for the courage to allow those changes as I stepped into the mysterious labyrinth of surrender. My intimate communion with nature became my medicine, my teacher and my guide. I found that the more time I spent in the quiet of Her magnificent cathedrals, the healthier I became. And when I listened to the deep wisdom of Her life force and it’s ever changing cycles, my own system was able to re-balance itself. I am also grateful to the many human healers I have had the good fortune of studying with along the way. The medicine men and women who have generously shared their hearts and their teachings are part of the fabric of my life today. Their compassion is a legacy that I am honored to pass along.